Vulgar print on the sweater of the child, shocked the audience


Photo: @TenFootLoPan

The portal BoredPanda has compiled a ridiculous prints on clothes strangers that users published online.

Among them was a pink fleece sweater with a pattern of small pandas in vulgar poses. It is possible to see that he wore a small child. According to the newspaper Mirror, the unidentified woman bought the thing for his daughter, attentively examined the figure.

The shocked visitors of the website BoredPanda.

“You could buy this to her child?” — horrified some in the comments.

“Not on children’s clothing… It is impossible to mix with anything,” supported by others.

“Oh my God, that’s not cool!” — agreed the third.

In April, the mother of primary school students Shelly Mccullar had to apologize to the teachers that her son had come to school in inappropriate clothes. Anthony wore a red t-shirt with a vulgar print of yellow color, resembling the logo of fast food restaurant “McDonald’s” and walked in it all day during lessons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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