A woman six days looking for people and ate grass after a crash in the desert


Photo: Tucson Sector Border Patrol / AP

In the U.S. Arizona 53-year-old woman six days passed after the accident in the desert. About it reports the edition of The Wickenburg Sun.

She lost control while driving on a deserted highway near the town of Wickenburg. The car flew off the road, struck a guardrail and got stuck in the crown of a Mesquite tree at a height of 15 meters from the ground.

The damaged fence was noticed only after six days, when the scene turned out to be road workers and an employee of a local farm. Approaching the hole, they saw the tree crumpled car. By the time it was empty, but the river, stretched chain, human traces.

The owner of the car found at a distance of 450 metres. She was suffering from dehydration and injuries sustained in the accident. The woman said that a few days sat on a tree and waited for help, then climbed down and headed in the direction of the railway. Along the way she drank water from a river and eat grass, according to ABC 15 Arizona. She was given first aid. On the helicopter the woman was taken to the hospital.

In August it was reported that a tourist from the U.S. state of Ohio who went to see mount St. Helens, lost his way and for six days waited for the help in the woods. Left without food, he ate wild berries and bees, pester him for several days in a row.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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