Confirmed the version about the destruction of the dead body of a Saudi journalist in acid


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Killer Saudi journalist Jamal Hakuji dissolved his dismembered body in acid, assured the Turkish authorities. This publication reports The Washington Post, citing a review by a senior Turkish official, who wished to remain anonymous.

“The body of Hakuji didn’t need a funeral,” said a source in the government of Turkey.

According to his colleagues, dismembered corpse of the journalist was dissolved in acid at the Consulate of Saudi Arabia or the Consul-General’s residence next door.

The destruction of the body near the scene of the murder indicate the biological traces found in the garden of the Saudi authorities.

Earlier, the representative of the Prosecutor General of Turkey, Irfan Fidan (Irfan Fidan) reported that Hakuji died of suffocation. According to the official, the journalist was strangled as soon as he entered the Consulate of Saudi Arabia on October 2. Later his body was dismembered.

Journalist Jamal Hakuji lost October 2, the Consulate of Saudi Arabia. There he came to get the divorce papers. The bride of the reporter waited for him at the office several hours, after which the staff told her that Hakuji long since left the building.

The government of Saudi Arabia has recognized the journalist’s death 18 days after his death. They reported that Hakuji became a victim of the conflict with some people who were then at the Consulate. Later, the Prosecutor General of the Kingdom called the murder of 59-year-old journalist was intentional. It was noted that the body of a reporter was allegedly discovered in the well on the territory of Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul.

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