Film about the rescue of the President of Russia by the Americans was removed from the show because of the Ministry of culture


Frame: the movie “hunter Killer”

The Ministry of culture of Russia has not issued a certificate for distribution to the Hollywood Thriller “hunter Killer”. The premiere was scheduled for November 1, according to the portal “Bulletin of film distributors.”

It is noted that the rental company Megogo Distribution sent to the partner cinemas a letter with a request to remove the sessions of the film from the schedule on the day of the premiere, because at the beginning of hire the Ministry of culture has not issued a “hunter Killer” permission for unknown reasons.

“We have still no answer from the Ministry of culture signed the rolling certificate on the film “hunter Killer”. All materials and documents have been handed over to us in advance screener of the film was passed for 1.5 months, and no contraindications to the film’s release or refusal to issue distribution certificate for the date of November 1 or even a hint of this we have not received,” — said in the letter.

“Hunter Killer” with Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman in the lead roles talks about how the defense Minister is satisfied with the country’s military coup and take the President by the name zacharin hostage, simultaneously exacerbating international conflict with the United States. American submariners trying to free the President to prevent the war.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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