Fleeing from the genocide of Muslims to return home


Photo: Bernat Armangue / AP

Refugees of ethnic Rohingya who fled Myanmar to Bangladesh to return home, reports The Guardian.

Countries agreed on the repatriation of Rohingya, despite the UN warning that meanmarie authorities continue to pursue a policy of genocide against the Muslim nation.

On Tuesday, October 30, there was a meeting of foreign Ministers of the two countries where they have approved a specific plan of repatriation. It is noted that the process of returning the Rohingya people in Myanmar will begin in mid-November. Previous attempts to bring the Muslims back home have already been made, but to no avail.

In late August, the UN released a report stating that Myanmar troops committed massacres and gang rape by members of the Muslim Rohingya people, with the intention of genocide.

According to the independent international mission of the UN fact-finding crimes in Myanmar army’s actions against the Rohingya people was disproportionate to the real threats. The report stresses that evidence for investigation and bringing officials to justice is enough.

In August 2017 the militant Rohingya attacked government forces to draw attention to the plight of his people. The answer was mass cleansing of villages. As a result, in Bangladesh ran about 720 thousand people.

Rohingya people, living mainly in Rakhine state in Myanmar. Its representatives profess Islam and consider themselves the indigenous population of the region. Most Burmese Buddhists believe that the Rohingya migrated to Burma from Bangladesh during the British rule. The current regime of Myanmar is trying to displace them to neighbouring countries or to assimilate. Authorities believe that Rohingya militants terrorizing civilians and trying to spread radical views on local followers of the Prophet.

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