In the UK, allowed the use of medical cannabis


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The UK authorities were first allowed to prescribe patients medicines from cannabis. About it reports BBC News.

According to the new rule, such products from 1 November will be to write a small number of specialists for a limited list of diagnoses — in cases when other ways of treatment are powerless. The law was changed because of two boys with epilepsy, which helps only hemp oil.

In addition to the cases of epilepsy in children, medical cannabis products will be allowed to prescribe to patients experiencing nausea due to chemotherapy and those suffering from abnormal tension in the muscles due to multiple sclerosis. In addition to oil, the sick will prescribe tablets and capsules containing nazioarteko substance cannabidiol (CBD).

Previously, all products based on cannabis was included in the list of banned substances having no medical use. Now some of them were transferred to the list of drugs suitable for use in the medical purposes.

“Substances will be strictly controlled, and it is in any case not a step toward legalizing recreational use of cannabis,” — said in connection with changes in legislation, the Minister of internal Affairs of great Britain Sajid David.

The representative of the National health service of the country has previously stressed that the government’s decision “does not lessen the risks of physical and mental health, which leads to the regular recreational use of cannabis”.

The decision of the authorities affected by the cases of Billy Caldwell’s (Billy Caldwell) and Alfie Dingle (mark Dingley), which told the media. Both boys do have a severe form of epilepsy, and the only means to alleviate their condition, was hemp oil. The mother of one of them came in from Canada, the tool confiscated at the airport, other parents have repeatedly denied special permission to use it. Now children will be able to receive treatment without a fight for a special document, just after receiving a prescription from the doctor.

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