Pilot mix beer with wine, came to work and disgraced


Photo: Markus Mainka / picture alliance / Globallookpress.com

The second pilot of Japan Airlines was arrested in London for a ten-fold excess of norm of alcohol in blood. It is reported by Japanese NHK television station.

42-year-old airline employee noticed a drunk when he was driving the bus from the terminal in London Heathrow airport on runway. Test for alcohol intoxication, conducted by the police revealed a tenfold excess of standards established in the UK.

During interrogation, the pilot admitted that he drank a half liter of wine and a 1.8 liter beer in the hotel bar the night before departure. However, the employees of Japan Airlines claimed that they carried out before take-off analysis did not reveal alcohol in the blood of the pilot.

The police arrested the offender, and his flight to Tokyo international airport was delayed for an hour. Later, the representatives of Japan Airlines has apologized for the actions of its employee.

In March 2017 the pilot a canadian airline Sunwing Airlines, drank a bottle of vodka shortly before the flight, and then came to work and fell asleep on the plane. When Miroslav Granic came, his colleagues noticed that he was staggering and clearly pronounces the word. They kicked him out of the plane, but he fell asleep.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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