Powerful botnet took over the collection of letters of thousands of victims


Image: Blog.kryptoslogic.com

Experts in the field of cyber security from Kryptos Logic, found that a new botnet Emotet started collecting all email from seized devices. The specialists reported in the blog of the organization.

The theft has exposed the emails stored for the last six months. In particular, it was stolen names of recipient and sender addresses and the contents of each message. Earlier, the same botnet was used to collect the list of contacts. Experts believe that all obtained data will go into one big array.

The exact number of victims of the botnet is unknown. According to preliminary data, the contamination affected several tens of thousands of devices that are vulnerable are all infected computers.

According to experts, Emotet is one of the most modern and advanced botnets that can bring considerable revenue to the criminals.

Earlier it became known that two most known botnet and Mirai Gafgyt (Baslite) has updated the tools for attacks on large corporate networks. The service was taken 16 new exploits.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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