Suddenly amnesiac father couldn’t take living in lies and remembered everything


Salvatore, Mannynorte: Zuma / TASS

Found in the middle of Edinburgh and an Italian, lodged a complaint of memory loss, in fact, turned out to be a liar who tried to escape from the “nagging mother-in-law”. It is reported by The Sun.

52-year-old Manny’s in Salvatore (Salvatore Mannino), which was found by the police, claimed that he remembered nothing. Italian police have started an investigation and found the computer men search the keywords “How to disappear” and “How to simulate memory loss”.

Then Manny’s in decided to confess. “I did it to escape from a nagging mother-in-law. I never lost memory. I wanted to prove to my family that I need them. I wanted to return the status of the husband and father because I felt that the mother-in-law just took this place,” he explained.

The Italian disappeared in mid-September and was found two days later near the Cathedral of St. Giles. When it was not documents, but the police managed to identify him by his tattoos. His wife and children arrived in the UK, but in the moment of meeting Manny’s in claimed he did not know them.

Before the disappearance of the Italian left on the table a suitcase with 10 thousand euros, a mobile phone and a note, containing certain figures. It was a code that was deciphered his older 18-year-old son Filippo.

Italian police intends to attract a man for false information. “So much time and money was wasted,” — said the police. The wife of Manny’s in a very unhappy incident and believes that the charges of her husband the mother in law unjustified.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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