The man fed the guests a carrion and save on the meat


Photo: Pat Wellenbach / Reuters

An American resident of the city Meenatchi, Washington, taught the family to eat meat came under machine wild animals and feed them to guests. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

47-year-old Rafe Carroll (Carroll Rafe) says that his father sometimes cooked dead animals found on roadsides. In ten years he tried his first deer, hit by a car. Many years later the man decided to follow the example of his father, when faced with financial difficulties. “Then I wasn’t going to turn up your nose at free food,” he explains.

American now regularly feeds family dead deer, turkeys and partridges, which wander off the highway. According to him, with one deer, you can shoot up to 30 kilos of meat, and the biggest catch of his memory was a dead bear was found one mile from home. He provided the family with 35 pounds of meat.

The man holding onto best pieces for holiday dinners. For example, at Christmas he usually cooks on a spit fillet of a deer hit by a car. Guests Carroll feeds on carrion, rarely know about the origin of meat in advance.

Many of his habit causes a shock and surprise. Carroll recalls how he told the son of a friend what he ate: “He was shocked, and, mainly, what turned out to be delicious food.”

In 2016, it was reported that a British pensioner Arthur Bojt whole life feeding animals who were hit by cars, decided to eat a stranded sperm whale. During his life he ate a lot of deer found dead along highway, tried weasels, otters and hedgehogs. The strangest dish he thought a dead porcupine from Canada.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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