The world Cup champion refused to accept a two-year term and called the court a disgrace


Vincenzo Quintetto: Nigel Roddis / Reuters

The world Cup champion in the national team of Italy Vincenzo Iaquinta has received a two-year term for illegal storage of the weapon and stated that prosecutors were “ruined his life”. The words of former football leads Football Italia.

“It’s a shame. They ruined my life, although I didn’t do anything. For four years I suffered like a dog, like my family and my children,” thought Iaquinta.

The investigators suspected Italian ties with the “Ndrangheta” mafia group acting in Calabria, and demanded for him to six years imprisonment. Iaquinta kept the two handguns in the house of his father Giuseppe, who were also held suspect in the case of having links with the mafia.

The result Iaquinta-senior villages for 19 years, and the protection of his son were able to convince the court that he was not involved in the Affairs of the “Ndrangheta”. Nevertheless, he was sentenced for illegal possession of weapons.

“They accused me just because I come from Calabria. But I am the world champion! Justice will prevail,” promised Iaquinta. According to the law, the former player has the opportunity to avoid imprisonment. He was given the right to appeal the verdict.

Iaquinta finished his career in 2012. In the Italian national team he became world champion in 2006. Striker is known for his Juventus and Udinese.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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