White men called the main terrorist threat to the United States


Don Lemonface: Fuzheado / Wikimedia

Leading CNN’s don lemon said that the main terrorist threat in the U.S. are white men. This drew the attention of the newspaper The Independent.

The journalist stated this in live, lighting shooting incident in Kentucky, where the victims of white men were two African Americans. “We continue to think that the worst threat — that some people coming to our border,” he said, referring to a caravan of several thousand migrants heading to the United States.

“We need to understand that the biggest terrorist threat in this country — white men, mostly right-wing radicals, and we need to start something to do with them,” said lemon. He added that they are not forbidden to enter us territory, “as you know, there was a ban for Muslims.”

His words caused resentment among conservatives. The statement, in particular, responded to the President’s son of US businessman Donald trump Jr. “I thought this is a funny quote taken out of context, but no… It’s just a don lemon is such a jerk. Unfortunately, many on the left think just that. Disgusting!” — he wrote in Twitter.

Surprised and Republican Stephen Scales emerging from summer 2017 attempt, committed on political grounds. He very briefly responded in social networks giving the link to the statement of TV host and accompanied her surprised Emoji.

According to statistics cited by The Independent, over the last 10 years by far-right extremists made in the USA more crimes of hate than any other group.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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