A proven lethal danger of smartphones


Photo: Roland Weihrauch / DPA / Globallookpress.com

Experts of the National toxicology program (NTP) in the USA showed that the male rats who were exposed to radio frequency radiation used in smartphones support 2G and 3G networks, any cancerous tumors in the heart, brain, and adrenal glands. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

In studies of rats and mice was placed in a special chamber in which the animals were irradiated with radio waves for two years or most of their lives. The effect lasted about nine hours a day, with 10-minute periods of exposure was divided into 10-minute intervals. The dose of radiation ranged from 1.5-6 watts per kilogram of tissue of rats to 2,5-10 watts per kilogram of tissue of mice. The study did not include an assessment of the impact of radiation used for Wi-Fi and 5G networks.

The lowest level of exposure in the experiment is equal to the maximum level of local impact that are valid when using mobile phones. It is rarely used in normal conditions. Thus, according to the researchers, exposure during the study cannot be directly compared with those doses that people with smartphones get actually. In animals, the radiation affect the whole body, and people had to specific tissues. However, all the experts who analyzed the results of the experiment concluded that the tumor arose due to radiofrequency radiation.

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