Designer electric chair questioned it on the eve of execution


Fred Lagarto: Arne Dedert / AP

American technician self-taught Fred Leuchter (Fred Leuchter) doubted that the collected electric chair in a prison in Tennessee work. With this view he made on the eve of the execution of a serial killer Edmund’s Wife, the Associated Press reports.

Electric chair at the prison has not been used since 2007. It is one of the devices for executions, Leuchter designed in the period from 1979 to 1990. The man is worried that after he was excommunicated as an expert on executions, other people upgraded chair, and it could adversely affect his work.

“I’m worried that the electric chair in Tennessee may be to harm someone or to cause problems. And my name on it. I don’t think the execution will be humane,” said he.

The last time he upgraded the electric chair in 1988. Then the authorities turned to him for expert verification, because the device has not been used for decades. “Remember, then, it seems, executed the dwarf or something like that,” recalls the expert. The original stupas were sold on eBay and is in the Museum murders Alcatraz.

In the state papers that the chair is designed for the enforcement of penalties for Torrent was checked on 10 October this year and meet modern standards. Leuchter did not agree with the conclusion, and believes that its construction is defective.

Leuchter took part in the creation of the electric chairs, gas chambers, machine by actuation of the lethal injection and gallows in at least 27 U.S. States. In 1988, he went to Poland to inspect gas chambers of concentration camps. In the report “the Leichter Report” or “Report about the gas chambers”, he expressed doubt that they were designed for killing people. Later, his study called pseudoscientific and denied.

After it became known that he never received the qualification of engineer and did not have sufficient qualifications to design and install equipment for executions.

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