Flight attendants humiliated to save the life of the passenger of a black doctor


Photo: Frank Polich / Reuters

The crew aviakompanii Republic Airline humiliated black passenger when she tried to provide medical assistance to passenger on Board aircraft. About it reports Fox News.

Doctor Massachusetts General hospital and a teacher at Harvard medical school Fatima Cody Stanford flew from Indianapolis to Boston flight DL5935. When her neighbor in the next seat began to convulse, the doctor tried to give her medical care, but the flight attendants questioned her competence and began to find fault with the woman.

“Are you not the chief doctor?”, — asked one of the crew members after Stanford filed documents. “It’s your documents?”, — continued to interrogate her another worker.

Stanford’m sure this type of behaviour is due to racism. “I’m disappointed that Delta did not appear tolerance. After I showed the medical certificate to assist the passenger, your crew continued to not believe me,” said the doctor on his Twitter page.

Later, the airline representative got in touch with a woman in a social network and apologized to it. “We thank Dr. Stanford for her medical care on Board, and I regret the misunderstanding,” wrote fellow Delta Connection.

In may Air Canada flight attendants are not allowed a black woman to Board the plane because of a rash on her face. Jeanne Lehman has granted permission to fly from your doctor, but flight attendants are publicly humiliated the woman and kicked out of the plane. The victim never received an apology from the airline personnel and accused them of racism.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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