Lottery winner got excited and almost lost a million dollars


Photo: John Minchillo / AP

A resident of the canadian city Edmonton had left in the store purchased a lottery ticket, which turned out to be the winning one. It is reported by the Edmonton Journal.

Joselito Tremosa (Joselito Tremocha), upon learning that he won one million canadian dollars (50 million rubles), ran to his wife to tell his success. But because of the excitement he had left the winning ticket in the store.

“When the store employee told me that I had won a million dollars, I jumped for joy. I was so shocked, wanted to hurry to get home and tell my wife. I just ran out of the store and on the way realized that he had left the ticket on the counter,” — said Tremosa.

Before the escape, he transferred the ticket to a store employee, because when self-examination on the scanner saw “too many zeros” and decided to make sure that the gain really that great.

Winning canadian plans to spend on a family vacation. He admitted that he always wanted to take my daughter to the “world center of Walt Disney” in the United States.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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