Moscow was in the top ten cities in the world with the rapidly appreciating housing


Photo: Roman Pimenov / TASS

For the year to October 2018 the Moscow elite real estate rose in price by an average of seven percent. The Russian capital ranked eighth place in the list of world cities with rapidly rising in price in square meters. This is evidenced by a study by Knight Frank at the disposal of edition”.ru”.

According to analysts, growth of cost of capital “elitki” is associated with the market entry of new projects with high price of square meter, and with the completion of a large number of complexes where the apartments are now sold not at the starting and at maximum prices.

In St. Petersburg, upscale property for the specified period has risen by less than half a percent, according to Knight Frank. “The stabilization of prices for luxury housing in St. Petersburg is a good indicator on the background of negative price dynamics observed in the previous two quarters of 2018,” reads the study.

On average in 43 major cities around the world, “elitka” for the year to the fourth quarter of 2018 has become more expensive by almost three percent. Most noticeably added to the price of square meter in Singapore, which is 13 percent. A considerable growth — around 10 percent — also showed Edinburgh, Madrid and San Francisco. In Tokyo, Auckland and Toronto the price tag rose 8.5 percent. In addition, the top 10 cities with substantially appreciated real estate included Cape town and Guangzhou.

Was previously released a list of world cities with the most expensive a removable housing. It was headed by San Francisco, where the average cost of hiring a regular apartment is $ 650 a week. In second place ranking — new York (570 dollars in a week), third place was taken by Los Angeles with 550 dollars in a week. Fourth and fifth places went to London ($500) and Dublin ($480) respectively.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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