Residents of Chechnya with HIV were forbidden to marry


Photo: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

Residents of Chechnya will be able to get married if there is a certificate with a negative result for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, according to the website of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of the Republic with reference to the statement of the mufti of Salah Hadji mezhieva.

The report stated that on 1 November the Ministry of health of Chechnya began to produce a certificate of the new sample on the absence of couples wishing to marry, HIV, hepatitis b and C, and sexually transmitted diseases. To paper only in Grozny — now only having it a wedding ceremony to be considered valid.

The introduction of the certificate due to a desire to “solve problems in the sphere of protection of the health of a young family”.

Mufti Mezhiev instructed his subordinates to compile a list of scholars conducting the wedding ceremony. All of them planned to send for retraining.

According to official data, in mid-2017 in Russia, there were 1.16 million people living with HIV. This is more than in any other European country. Approximately one third of patients do not receive antiretrovirals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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