Revealed the mortal danger of beauty


Photo: Dmitry Korotaev / Kommersant

The CPS has described the security rules when you visit the beauty salon and brought diseases that can be transmitted due to the negligence of the masters. Information appeared on the website of the Department.

The Barber shall thoroughly wash their hands before beginning the procedure, and to disinfect tools after each client. Otherwise there is a risk of the spread of hepatitis, HIV infection, tuberculosis, fungal diseases and other infections.

Every visitor to the hairdresser should provide fresh linen: disposable caps, capes, napkins.

Any employee should have the personal medical book with the results of the surveys, and all cosmetic products must have certificates of conformity and the translation of consumer information on Russian language.

All procedures, which may damage the skin (manicure and pedicure), are conducted with the use of sterile instruments and materials.

Placed under the foot during the pedicure, the pillow should be covered with oilcloth cover, which, after each use should be cleaned with disinfectant solution. The same goes for foot baths and baths for hands.

In September, scientists at the Moscow scientific-practical center of dermatology and cosmetology have called the most dangerous diseases that can develop as a result of rejection by the body color of pigments used in the application of a tattoo.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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