Striking miners fired a day after the promises of the Governor “not to offend”


Frame: video Ramazan Kunusbayev / YouTube

More than 30 business largest on Kamchatka gold-silver deposits “Amethyst” dismissed for participation in strike. This was reported by RIA Novosti in the company “Gold of Kamchatka” which structure included mining company “Amethyst”.

“November 1, decided to initiate the procedure of termination of labor relations with employees, who continue the illegal strike and not ready for any compromise solutions. (…) 33 staff members have already undergone the procedure of dismissal,” — said the representative of the company on Friday, November 2.

According to him, each participant of the strike are offered a choice of three options: return to work, to leave by agreement of the parties or dismissal for serious misconduct for absenteeism. 17 people agreed to return to work — a team drilling and blasting is already out in the day shift, workers, motor shop ready to start on 2 November. Meeting of representatives of the company participants of the strike are ongoing.

On the eve of Thursday, November 1, the Governor of the Kamchatka edge Vladimir Ilyukhin has assured journalists that the situation will be resolved.

“So you stop to think, there is no one on strike. There are now working executives of the company, and two of the labor inspector, sent. Give me a day or two, and we’ll deal. People will not be offended,” said Ilyukhin radio station “Moscow Says”.

At the end of October 78 workers of the mine refused to work, opting against low wages and increasing standards. In fact their treatment is conducted investigation verification. Kamchatka miners say they get much less than their colleagues from Chukotka, Yakutia and Magadan. They need to raise wages to 160 thousand roubles a month and to provide places in the hostel. In the company “Gold of Kamchatka” has declared that the workers did not fulfill the plan, so didn’t get the prize. In place of the departed CEO.

Reserves “Amethyst” are 52 tons of gold and 163 tons of silver. “Gold of Kamchatka” in the year produces more than five tons of gold. The company employs over a thousand people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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