Teachers were sent to sweep the streets for the arrival of Lukashenko


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In Vitebsk education employees were sent for cleaning the urban areas on the eve of the arrival of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. This publication reports “Belarusian partisan”.

Saturday, October 27, about 50 employees of educational institutions has removed the administration building, which is expected to be visited by the head of the Republic. Teachers say that they did it on the orders of the district education Department.

After a few days, teachers had to clear the same object. “Today after lunch, said to come to pass, to bring brooms, other cleaning utensils,” he told them.

Utilities are also actively arrange well territory near another enterprise, which also needs to call the President. There clean the garbage, sweep the area, take out the leaves, level the land, mow the grass and the trees, uproot dry plants. The staff said that the company “caught” people from all over the city. “What if he wants to get off here, on this road? Nobody knows,” — said one of the public utilities.

The publication also notes that the city’s animal shelter posted an ad in several areas will be catching “cats and dogs, with collars and without.” Residents are asked on November 1-3, to closely monitor their Pets: do not let the dog samovygulu, close house cats.

Last summer inhabitant of Izhevsk complained direct line with President of Russia Vladimir Putin, together with his family lives in the emergency house, which is planned to resettle only in 2019. The head of state promised that he would personally come to her. The city authorities promptly filled pits near the emergency home, and a day after Putin’s visit to the emergency house has decided to begin the resettlement of residents in 2018.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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