The black box of the crashed in Indonesia plane was broken



The flight data recorder crashed in Indonesia a passenger plane Boeing 737 Max 8 was broken. This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the National Committee for transportation safety, Hario, Stamico, reports portal Detik.

“The black box was found in a failed state, it is broken into two parts,” he said. At the same time the memory device is not damaged. However, to work with him to retrieve the data have to be extremely careful that you can increase the time of receipt stored in the recorder information.

Shortly before the commander of the search operation rear Admiral Judaic Margono confirmed that the fuselage of the plane is indeed found, but it is not a part of, and separate pieces. According to him, to discover possible also the engine and chassis of the aircraft. They are located at the bottom of the about 400 metres from the initial point of the search. Chassis is already lifted from the bottom, the engine may need a crane.

One of the black boxes of the crashed aircraft was found and lifted on a surface on 1 November. He was found under water at a depth of 32 meters. Currently, experts are trying to get second recorder, the signal is already detected.

It was noted earlier that the search for the aircraft was hampered due to poor visibility and strong undercurrents. Rescuers also reported that survivors of the collapse of the liner there is, at the crash site found the remains and personal belongings of the victims.

Passenger plane Boeing 737 Max 8 budget airline Lion Air disappeared from radar 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta. He served as a flight JT-610 in the Indonesian city of pangkal Pinang. The crew before the crash, has requested to return to airport of departure. On Board were 189: 181 passengers, including employees of the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia, the two pilots and six crew members.

The victim of the accident the aircraft was operated from August and were fit for flight. Two pilots of the airliner flew a total of 11 thousand hours. According to Lion Air during the previous flight crashed liner there was a technical problem, but its fixed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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