The Europeans help Niger to combat illegal migration


Photo: Aaron Ross / Reuters

Germany and the Netherlands will help Niger to control the borders to prevent illegal migration to Europe. This was reported by The Local.

Two European countries will spend 10 million euros for the creation of new military units for special purposes. Hundreds of police officers, trained under a special programme will be sent to the regions near the border with Nigeria. According to the EU, this country 90 percent of illegal migrants from West Africa are heading to Libya and Algeria, and from there to Europe.

The program aims not only to curb the flow of illegal immigrants. “Roughly speaking, it will help to deal with all our problems: illegal migration, human trafficking, drugs and terrorism,” said Suli Boubacar, the head of police of Niger.

The President of the African country Mahamadu the Yssouf came on a visit to Germany in August 2018. German Chancellor Angela Merkel received him in the Palace Meseberg in Brandenburg, where they are, in particular, discussed the problems of migration.

Migration crisis broke out in Europe in 2015. Some countries called for stemming the flow of refugees and against quotas on the number of migrants. At the same time, Germany tried to accept a maximum of refugees. In the country since then moved over 1.5 million people. According to the International organization for migration, in 2017 Italy received the largest number of refugees who arrived by sea, with more than 119 thousand people.

In September 2018 the United Nations published a report on “Indices and indicators of human development.” Presented in the ranking of 189 economies Niger took the last place.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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