The French liner had to be deployed to the Russian border


Photo: Bayne Stanle /

Aircraft AirFrance airlines flying from Paris to Ho Chi Minh city on 1 November, turned around after a few hours of the flight due to lack of permission to fly over Russia. It is reported by the radio station Europe 1.

According to one of the passengers of the ship, six hours after departure from the airport of Charles-de-Gaulle aircraft commander announced that they will have to turn around. She said that all the passengers were shocked by what he heard, because no one has ever seen this before.

As soon as the plane landed at the airport of departure, travelers EN route on this flight, demanded an explanation from the airline. Now Air France finds out the details of the incident.

As informs RIA Novosti news Agency later commented on the incident of a French airliner. It turned out that previously the route Moscow-Ho Chi Minh airlines AirFrance did not pass through Russia, but on 1 November it was changed. In this regard, it was necessary to get permission to fly, and Russia was able to supply it, but the crew decided to turn the plane around and return to the departure airport.

In August, the pilot of the Australian airline Qantas took the decision to deploy the aircraft midway, after complaints from passengers on a whistle coming from the door. The incident occurred with the world’s largest airliner A380, EN route from Sydney (Australia) to Dallas (USA). After three hours of flight passengers complained of strange sounds, and the aircraft returned to the departure airport.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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