The guy lost a lot of weight and came to regret


Photo: M. Spencer Green, File / AP

A Reddit user with the nickname oluytme532 told about how detrimental to his life reflected the weight loss. His story “weight Loss turned me into a dick and completely ruined my life” exploded onto emigrate.

The young man wrote that, losing weight, he became a “selfish prick”. The man was happy when he weighed 113 kg. He dated a girl and was going to propose to her. The user was friends and favorite work, however, began to lose weight, he lost everything and ruined health.

The event, which described the 33-year-old narrator, occurred a few years ago. “I couldn’t believe how I messed up. I wasn’t even depressed. I was angry,” recalls oluytme532.

Over time, the hero of the publication corrected: he got a job, stopped going to clubs and to practice promiscuity. He admitted that he misses old friends, but the time is irretrievably lost.

The readers of his post began to share similar stories demonstrating how their ego when losing weight has destroyed before a strong relationship. Some of them noticed that getting rid of excess weight, began to laugh at full of people. Users were sympathetic to the story of the man. He was advised not to despair and to try to restore relations with friends, directly admitting them in all.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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