The plane crash was avoided thanks to a higher power


Photo: @JoelBrownABC11

American pilot miraculously landed the plane on highway, and said that he was helped by God. About it reports Fox News.

The pilot who ran the liner Piper PA-28, went with a student pilot from Smithfield in Wilson, North Carolina. When their car developed mechanical problems, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing on the road.

He managed to land the plane on the highway Interstate 95, and when asked about the details of the emergency landing, the man admitted that in fact the aircraft was put “God.”

According to the highway patrol of North Carolina, responders immediately arrived on the scene. No one in the plane was not damaged.

In June the girl-the pilot landed the plane right on the freeway in southern California, USA due to a broken engine. The pilot landed on a highway in rush hour, but she managed with no one to face. Video from the scene captured as the vehicles travel in different directions to give way to aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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