The Russians caught in the woods of the wolf and put him on the balcony



A resident of one of apartment houses of Volgograd settled in the apartment of a wolf. This writes the regional Internet newspaper “Volgogradskaya Pravda”.

The man brought the predator from the Astrakhan region, where he went hunting with friends. According to hunter, the wolf came to him from the Bush and licked in the hand, thus asking for help.

Now a wolf named Grey, lives in a Studio apartment together with his new owner and his daughter-a student. The apartment is on the first floor of nine-storey building. A hunter with a daughter occupy the room, the wolf they put on the protected metal grate balcony.

The wolf was good-natured, tame it was easy, said the man. “He slept with me, — leads edition of the words of the hunter. — Waking me up very tactfully but persistently. At six in the morning. Paw scratching at the door. Persists, but is not imposed. Get up, wash my face and go out with Gray.”

According to the owner, the wolf listens to him and does not create problems on the walk, even if no one likes meetings with passers-by-men. Women and children animal responds calmly.

The issue of keeping wild animals in houses of Russians from time to time discussed by regional authorities. So, in 2017 the head of the Department of natural resources and environmental protection of Moscow Anton Kulbachevsky has told that in apartments of Muscovites it is possible to detect the Panthers, bears, wolves, crocodiles and other exotic animals.

“For seven years we’ve been fighting the illegal trafficking of wild life in Moscow. The number of animals illegally shipped to Moscow is constantly growing, and it is difficult to fight, although the Department conducts a wide range of activities to curb illegal wildlife trade,” said the official.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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