The South Koreans allowed with impunity “to mow” from army


Photo: Kim Hong-Ji / Reuters

The Supreme court of South Korea has allowed draftees to avoid service in the army on religious beliefs without punishment. About it reports NBC News.

The defense Ministry will soon announce details of the new rules. States that by 2019, the Agency should develop an alternative program for military service. They may go to work in the hospitals for the care of invalids and persons suffering from dementia.

The decision will affect 900 people, already under investigation for refusing military service “for reasons of conscience.” Each year thousands of believers refuse service go to prison.

In its decision, the Supreme court overturned its own verdict in 2004. Then he decided that the refusal of service because of religious views is illegal. As noted by NBC, the reason for the decision, then, was the tension between the two countries of the Korean Peninsula.

The connection between South and North Korea began to improve after the South Korean President was elected moon Jae-In in 2017. North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN proclaimed the policy of peace in the new year speech. 1 January 2018 it is reported that the country has completed the establishment of a national nuclear forces. For 2018 moon and Kim held three inter-Korean summit meeting and signed a number of agreements. In June it was reported that Seoul and Pyongyang decided to fully restore military ground lines of communication. In September, the leaders agreed on the connection of railway networks of the two countries.

In South Korea, military service is mandatory. The number of exceptions provided for alternative service.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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