The teacher was led to threats of tax fraud and gave him all his savings



Teacher from London Laura Stein (Laura Steyn) transferred to the account of the scammer all of their savings, fearing his threats. The incident drew the attention of the newspaper the Daily Mail.

The mother of two children Stein received an e-mail disguised as a bill from the IRS. It was reported that the 38-year-old woman is obliged to immediately pay a large sum of money.

Stein called back on the specified in the letter, the telephone, and he confirmed that she owed tax money a few years ago. He later sent her to a fake Bank website where he displayed a fake account. As a result, after persuasion and threats pretending to be IRS attacker lured her 2.9 thousand pounds (nearly 250 thousand rubles).

Stein went to a branch of HSBC Bank and transferred all their savings in the account. According to her, the cashier did not ask any questions, although she had “bloodshot eyes”.

Later the Bank received a notification about the fraud and stopped the transaction, returning the money to the owner.

The woman said that the cheating apparently has been worked out perfectly: fraudsters prepared in advance of a phishing page, planned calls. Worst of all, in her opinion, was that criminals were forbidden the victim to discuss the debt with anyone else and hurry with the transfer of funds. “He basically threatened me that said that I would be arrested if I don’t act quickly,” said Steyn.

In October it was reported that several UK residents have become victims of hacker-extortionists who threatened to distribute personal videos with their participation. Criminals managed to get them a few thousand dollars.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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