The top Manager of the TV channel put on the costume of the executioner dismembered journalist and regretted


Asif Sobirite:

The Executive Director of the British TV channel ITV, Zubairi Asif (Asif Zubairy) came to hellouinsky party in the men’s head scarf and a bloodstained jacket, waving a mock-severed hands. This happened a few hours after details became known of the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Hakuji, writes The Daily Mail.

57-year-old Zubiri accused of inexcusable behavior and “appalling insensitivity”. Former Chairman of the Committee on standards in public sphere Alistair Graham (Alistair Graham) said that the act of a top Manager shocked him. A member of the house of Commons of great Britain, Christine Jardine (Jardine Christine) also noted that affected the attitude of top Manager to the murder of a Saudi journalist.

Later, Zubiri apologized for inappropriate garb in conversation with journalists. The man said that his act has no relation to professional activities, as it was at a private party.

“I know what my Halloween costume might have offended some people for which I apologize,” he said Zubiri.

2 Oct located in Istanbul journalist Jamal Hakuji went to the Consulate of Saudi Arabia to get the divorce papers and is gone. After almost three weeks, the authorities have recognized the journalist’s death.

How to say Turkish officials, the body of Hakuji first dismembered and then dissolve the remains in acid. Before the media reported that the journalist’s death was caused by suffocation.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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