The court of arbitration sided “” in a dispute with FAS on advertising bookmakers


The Moscow arbitration court has satisfied the statement of the edition “Tape.Ru” (included in the Rambler Group) and cancelled the decision of FAS of Russia to recognize the violation of the requirements of the Law on advertising placed on the site is the betting organizations. The court also quashed the order of the Federal Antimonopoly service about the termination of violations (suspension of the advertising campaign) and the decision of FAS to impose an administrative fine in respect of the publication.

The court considered that under article 27 of the law “On advertising” advertising with bookmakers unable media, which reported sports news and coverage of sporting events, and also have a sports specialization. Thus, the court did not agree with the restrictive rules of law, followed by FAS and in accordance with which to advertise bookmakers, media, the evidence of which there is only one sports — themed.

Dmitry Sergeev, COO of Rambler&Co, said that the court’s decision is an important precedent for the Russian media market. A restrictive interpretation of the law, which was proposed to adhere to the FAS, in fact, created a monopoly position for sports titles, and deprived of income socio-political and entertainment publications, a significant proportion of content which is sports information. The court’s decision restores fairness in this matter.

The representative of the FAS said the family-owned Demyan Kudryavtsev, the newspaper “Vedomosti” that this is the first case where the media failed in court to overturn the decision of the FAS about advertising bookmakers. The service intends to continue to dispute on appeal.

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