Became known the fate of the independence of an overseas territory of France


Members of the radical movement for independence New Caledonite: Benoit Tessier / Reuters

The results of the voting in a referendum on secession from France, its overseas territories — New Caledonia. It is reported Agency AFP.

According to official data, the majority of participants (56.4 per cent) voted against the independence of New Caledonia. Turnout at polling stations is made up of 80,63%. Referendum participants were required to answer the question of whether they want to New Caledonia possessed full sovereignty and became independent. The voting process was observed by representatives of the UN and the government of France.

The President and Emmanuel macron called the vote “a sign of confidence in the French Republic”. According to him, the results caused him “great pride in the fact that [New Caledonia and Paris] have taken this historic step together.”

New Caledonia is a special administrative-territorial formation of France, located on Islands in the Pacific ocean near Australia. According to the Agency, the territory is home to approximately 175 thousand people. The referendum was agreed, the French leader in the fall of 2017 because of the ethnic conflict between indigenous inhabitants of the region — Kanak and “white population”.

In October of 2017 held a referendum on independence of Catalonia from Spain, more than 90 percent of voters voted for independence. Madrid the outcome of the referendum is not recognized.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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