Russian mayor did not understand subordinates and angry


Ulfat, Mustafapasa:

The mayor of Ufa Ulfat Mustafin has criticized his subordinates for the vague wording, according to the Ufa Time.

Mustafin, who became mayor on 29 October, for the first time was leading a meeting in the new status. During the event, the mayor was not happy that officials often give vague answers to questions.

“Who orientirueshsya, what is it? The word “roughly” I wonder” — he said, demanding that the city authorities have always placed contractors with clear deadlines.

“The word “about”, “around” let’s remove all”, — said the mayor.

At the head of Ufa administration Mustafin changed Irek Yalalov, which in September ahead of schedule resigned in connection with the nomination to the Federation Council. The Ufa has repeatedly criticized the previous mayor, in particular the poor performance of public utilities, cleaning of streets from snow.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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