Ukraine missed the response to the Russian sanctions


Photo: Yury Lutsenko / Facebook

Among the crew members, arrested by the Ukrainian authorities in Mariupol the cargo ship there is only one citizen of Russia, most of the crew are Ukrainians, and the ship owned by a Dutch company. Reports about it “Timer”.

As noted, the Russians among the whole team of the ship Comet is only the second mate. The captain — a citizen of Ukraine.

The owner of the Comet is a company from Netherlands, the ship sails under the Liberian flag and is managed by a Singapore company.

The cargo on Board the vessel was intended for the Belgian company, and was transported in the mode of free-on-board. “Timer” indicates that the goods are actually moved into the property of the recipient upon delivery to the port of loading and at the same time the recipient paid the provider, after which the further delivery of the cargo came under his responsibility.

The newspaper’s sources in law enforcement bodies of Ukraine believe that soon the ship would be quietly freed by the Ukrainian authorities, because the Kiev authorities are unlikely to cause arrest of the ship any damage to Russia or to companies of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic (DNR), who allegedly produced a metal that was discovered aboard the Comet.

About the arrest of the ship in the port of Mariupol on November 1, said General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko. “In the port of Mariupol arrested more than 3 thousand tons of products captured by the invaders Alchevsk metallurgical plant, which transported the vessel under the Liberian flag from the Russian port of Belgium”, — he said. According to Lutsenko, the arrest was a response to the Russian sanctions list against the Ukrainian people.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree concerning restrictive measures against 322 of Ukrainian citizens and 68 companies. The document included the judges of the constitutional court of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada deputies, representatives of big business, government officials, heads of Executive authorities and other representatives of the Ukrainian establishment.

The sanctions include the blocking of non-cash, book-entry securities and property on the territory of Russia, and a ban on the transfer of funds (capital flight) outside of Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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