In Israel, spoke about the contacts with Russia on Syria


Photo: press service of the Israeli defense forces

Tel Aviv and Moscow did not stop contacts in Syria after the death of the Russian aircraft Il-20. This was announced by Deputy Director General for relations with media and public relations of the foreign Ministry of Israel Naom Katz, reports TASS.

“Russia is a friend of Israel, we have good friendly relations. Russia is strongly represented in Syria, in fact. We work on channels deconflicting constantly,” said Katz.

Some tension in relations between Moscow and tel Aviv arose at the end of September, after the forces of Syrian air defenses shot down a Il-20 with 15 Russian soldiers on Board, all of them dead. Russia says that the crash was brought about by the actions of the Israeli fighter who hid behind a Russian plane.

Tel Aviv denies involvement in the incident, laying the blame on Damascus, Tehran and Hizbollah. However, on the request of Moscow to increase the time interval of providing information about Israeli military operations in Syria tel Aviv refused.

In addition, at the beginning of October, Moscow has supplied the Syrian military With s-300. After that, Israel’s attacks on Syria were recorded.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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