The presenter spoke about the “slant-eyed” Chinese live and lost her job


Photo: Robert Barwick / YouTube

Australian TV program Outsiders, Ross Cameron (Ross Cameron) have lost their jobs after racist remarks about the Chinese. About it reports The Guardian.

On October 30 Sky News published a program in which Cameron discussed tourists visiting Shanghai amusement Park.

“If you go to Disneyland in Shanghai in the morning on any typical week, you will see 20 thousand black-haired, cross-eyed, yellows of the Chinese, desperate to get to Disneyland,” said Cameron.

Soon after the incident, the Executive Director of the Sky News Paul Whittaker (Paul Whittaker) made an apology for the replica of a journalist. He stressed that such statements are unacceptable in modern Australian society. Whittaker also added that broke the contract with the presenter.

Later Cameron decided to apologize to all whom I may have hurt his comments regarding the Chinese.

“It was a failure on my part, definitely… I had absolutely no intention to offend, but I’m glad to apologize for this, for everyone who was offended,” said the former broadcaster.

In late September, the American channel Fox News fired journalist Kevin Jackson, who called the victims of sexual harassment are false ugly. On his Twitter page, the man has made comments about women, accusing the Supreme court nominee Brett kavanaugh of harassment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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