The UK for the first time skirted swim


Photo: Olaf Pignataro / Red Bull Content Pool / AP

Briton Ross Edgley (Ross Edgley) set a world record, becoming the first man in history to round the island of great Britain swimming. This was reported by Sky News.

As the newspaper notes, the champion began to swim June 1, clockwise around the island. Edgley daily was in the water for 12 hours, he was accompanied by a catamaran, on Board of which he slept. For all time the British never went ashore. It took 157 days to overcome 3317 miles.

Edgley admitted that he was repeatedly stung by jellyfish burns to the skin, at the same time he witnessed the most beautiful sunsets. During the race he ate bananas 640 to recover the spent amount of energy is 500 thousand calories.

For 33-year-old thrill-seeker achievement was the third, caught in the Guinness Book of records. In 2016 it for 19.5 hours overcame a marathon (42 kilometres), stretching for a cable car weighing 1.4 tons. Two months later, over 19 hours many times he climbed the rope, breaking the total height of 8848 meters (height of Everest).

In 2016, it was reported that the Briton Ben Hooper decided to cross the Atlantic ocean by swimming. For the first 18 days he covered a distance of about 120 kilometers, at this rate, it was planned to finish in 2018. He also complained of burns from jellyfish stings, puffy to his ear fish and the environment of the sharks.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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