The woman watered the kid “wine” and was under threat of death


Photo: OneFrenchCanadian / YouTube

A resident of Scotland began to receive death threats after publishing humorous video in which she allegedly drink an infant wine. It is reported by The Sun.

Initially, the woman posted the video on Snapchat. In the video you can see how the mother is sitting on the chair next to a little girl in a diaper. The heroine holds out the child bottle of wine, and he grabs her two hands and begins to guzzle.

One of the subscribers of the plaid kept the video and posted it on Facebook, where the video has gained viral popularity: it has been viewed more than 700 thousand people. Many users immediately criticized the woman, calling her “filthy little bitch”. Others began to send her threats.

Some time later, the heroine is contacted journalists and said that he filmed the staged video. “It was a joke. In the bottle not the wine. Video posted on Facebook, and now threatening me with death. I’m afraid to leave the apartment. I fear for the lives of their children,” he told the scared woman.

The woman also said that it had contacted the person who published the video and asked to remove the clip, but he flatly refused.

Earlier, netizens began to threaten with punishment to the British, which is a cruel joke on their kids. Mother wrote that brought the son to tears, not allowing him to see her father.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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