Trump twice in a moment called me a “racist pig” live on CNN


Photo: Mike Segar / REUTERS

Political commentator of CNN’s Ana Navarro live twice called the President of the United States Donald trump a “racist pig.” This drew the attention of the publication MediaITE.

“Write me into the category of those people who considers trump a racist. In his view, Mexicans are criminals and rapists and El Salvador and Haiti — shithole. He’s a racist pig!”, she tried to kill the opponent.

When the host gave her the word, Navarro a word-for-word was said.

October 25, trump said he was sending the military on the southern border of the country to protect the American territory from the caravan of migrants. In mid-October it was reported that approximately three thousand migrants crossed the border of Honduras and Guatemala and heading North toward Mexico. Later they were joined by about 1.3 thousand people. Their goal is to get to the U.S. or to seek asylum from the Mexican authorities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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