Wild Swan accustomed to the man and refused to return to the flock


Photo: SWNS

In the coastal town of St Ives in the South West of the UK, the Swan could not find a common language with their brethren, after being tamed, a local resident, reports the Metro.

As told at the Royal society for the protection of animals from cruel treatment (RSPCA), a Swan named Sidney (Sidney) longed for his former owner Rob Adams (Rob Adamson), which brought him back into the wild.

Members of the organization asked the man to take the bird back. “This was a great end to our history,” said Adamson.

Lebedenko with two puncture wounds on the neck of an employee of a local harbour, found in the grass when the bird was only one day old. 39-year-old Adamson took it to him and within seven weeks cared for the chick, feeding him special food.

As told to Adamson, Sidney slept with him in the same bed and even made friends with a Chihuahua Sophie (Sophie).

In November it became known about the resident of Volgograd, who had settled in the apartment of a wolf. The man found a predator while hunting in the Astrakhan region. According to him, the wolf came to him from the Bush and licked the hand, thus asking people for help.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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