82-year-old American for the first time I went to the polls and died


Gracie Lou Filipetto: Terri Griffith / WP

Terminally ill elderly woman from Texas before death got to the polling station and voted. About this newspaper The Washington Post.

According to relatives, the 82-year-old Gracie Lou Phillips (Gracie Lou Phillips) never went to the polls, because they believed that her voice doesn’t matter. However, in a recent issue of the elections was becoming increasingly important. So the woman really wanted to vote during the so-called “midterm elections”.

After the woman was registered to participate in the elections, she became ill with pneumonia and sepsis. But despite his condition, Phillips continued to speak about the vote.

“She asked: “Is there no way to vote? Surely people can’t vote from the hospital?” It was really important to her”, — said the women-in-law Jeff Griffith (Jeff Griffith).

Thursday, November 1, Phillips went to the polls and for the first time voted. According to her son-in-law, she gave their vote to the candidates of the Republican party. Few days later, on 5 November, she died.

“She was very proud and happy. All the time say that I finally voted,” concluded Griffith.

In March, the resident of the village of Krolevets in the Primorye territory has died once voted in the presidential election. Coming from the polling station, 70-year-old woman sat in the car and died there.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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