A shark killed a bather


Photo: Danita Delimont / Globallookpress.com

In Australia the shark to death killed 33-year-old man. It is reported by news portal BBC News.

The incident occurred in the Harbor Led to the Whitsunday Islands, located North-East of Queensland on Monday, November 5th. Shark victim was one of the bathers. Friends pulled him from the water with serious injuries of the hands and feet and called rescuers. The man was taken to hospital where he died.

“His limbs were very deep bites he suffered significant blood loss and a heart attack,” — said Ben Mackley of rescue service of Central Queensland.

In September in the Harbor the shark attacked twice on the bathers, both attacks occurred in one day. Injured 46-year-old woman and 12-year-old girl. As a result lost his leg.

Just this year in Australia due to shark attacks were wounded 16 people and killed two.

After the September attacks, the local authorities have caught and killed six sharks and also for a week set up traps for sharks — hung under water fishing line with hooks baited. The locals call again to take these measures.

Professor Colin Simpfendorfer (Colin Simpfendorfer) from the Queensland University James cook claims that sharks very rarely appear in Whitsunday Islands — resort, is designed for practicing water sports. He believes that setting traps is not just will help to ward off predatory fish and will harm the marine fauna. Also Simpfendorfer added that the dead man was bathed in dusk, that is unsafe, as in this time the sharks are most active.

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