China has imposed a curfew for dogs


Photo: Reuters

The city of Wenshan in Yunnan province of China has banned dog owners to walk them in the daytime. Go outside with your pet is now possible only until seven in the morning and after ten at night. This told the newspaper South China Morning Post.

In addition, the city authorities decided that the length of the leash must not exceed one meter, and walk the dog now allowed only to adults. City inspector for animal health said that the ban will reduce the number of attacks by dogs on people and help in the fight against the spread of rabies.

Another representative of the authorities of Wenshan said that the new rules introduced by the numerous requests of citizens. According to him, the Department for work with the population every day received several calls with complaints from residents about aggressive dogs. But since the ban was imposed, the complaints stopped.

Walking Pets in the wrong time, no penalty — the law will hold violators of the conversation.

According to the laws existing in China, dog owners have to do them vaccinated every year to pay for a special license. Depending on the size of the animal, it can be up to 2,000 yuan (290 dollars). Many owners do not register their Pets, exposing them to the risk — unregistered dogs often simply exterminated.

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