FSIN explained the lunch bandit-“hoe” with caviar and crabs


Vyacheslav Zerowaste: mzk1.ru

The Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) explained the photograph of one of the members of a gang “tsapkov” Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz eats crabs, barbecue and red caviar in a strict regime colony. This writes the “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

According to Deputy Director FSIN Valery Maksimenko, dispersed over the network the picture was made in 2015.

“What can I say — to avoid corruption in distant regions is difficult, especially if the offender who enters into an agreement with the employees, the gift of persuasion, and most importantly big money. By results of check it was punished several employees,” said Maximenko and stressed that now Tsepovyaz contains “in the most severe conditions”.

He noted that many jail inmates are allowed to order eggs and a kebab, but the mobile phone on which the picture was taken, it is strictly forbidden to bring behind bars in a penitentiary.

According to the representative of the Federal penitentiary service, the Tsepovyaz sent his ex-wife Natalia Trishna, but she showed it to the Prosecutor’s office just this summer. Maksimenko explained that the lateness of the disclosure can be associated with resulting property disputes during the divorce process.

Earlier Strashnaya told that the family Tsepovyaz was spending on its content in the colony in the Amur region about three million rubles a year. Through an intermediary he was a doctor and buying groceries. According to the woman, they got divorced a year ago, now ex-husband sues the family business.

Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz — one of the accomplices of gang leader Sergei Hoe, which operated in the village Kushchevskaya Krasnodar region in 1990-2000-ies. In the autumn of 2010 members of a gang by order of the leader attacked a family of farmer ametova and killed 12 people, including four children. The murder has received wide publicity, and then in Kushchevskaya was a large-scale anti-criminal campaign, in which were unmasked and other crime gangs.

Tsepovyaz received 20 years in prison, later he reduced the term to 19 years and 10 months. The leader of the gang Sergey Tsapok died in the night of July 7, 2014, in the infirmary of the Krasnodar insulator.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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