Named the most tasty sprats in tomato sauce


Photo: Dmitry Rogulin / TASS

Roskoshestvo tested 10 of the most popular brands of sardines in tomato sauce and called the most high quality and tasty. The test results published on the website of the organization.

All samples examined for 53 indicators of safety and quality. So, all the selected canned food was safe for health, however, the GOST was not consistent with all samples. For example, brands Bering, “Delicious food,” and “quality” is not reported to the banks of fish, in addition, brand Bering was not enough tomato paste.

The leaders in protein content was sprat “Strait” and GoldFish, and the best indicator of the phosphorus content showed a brand “the White whale”.

The most pleasant taste experts Roskoshestvo revealed the sardines four brands: “the White whale”, “Delicious” canned, “For the Motherland”, “Pelagos”. In the other five samples I felt the bitterness, in one case the sour taste.

The best in the final number of points was the brands “Strait” and “For the Motherland”, but none of them have not received the state quality Mark.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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