Prostitutes expelled from Tinder


Image: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Employees in the sex industry has accused the Dating service Tinder in discrimination. According to The BuzzFeed.

Problem noted by sex workers from Europe and North America who use the app solely for non-commercial purposes. According to them, Tinder is blocking the accounts of the prostitutes, citing violation of the policy of the service, but gives no detailed explanation.

Some workers in the sex industry explained that he wanted to be honest with potential partners, so I pointed to occupation in the “Job.” However, the moderators Tinder still deleted their pages.

30-year-old employee of the sphere escort Clementine from Vancouver, told reporters that her profile was closed shortly after she added the place of work. She believes that such actions of moderators associated with the new bill SESTA-FOSTA, who is the President of the United States Donald trump signed in April 2018. The document prohibits the sex trade on the Internet, as a result, many popular services have closed sections with acquaintances as well as thematic sections on prostitution.

Representatives of the Tinder refused to answer journalists ‘ questions about the causes of locks. Instead, the staff were reminded of the community guidelines prohibiting the encouragement or promotion of commercial sexual services, human trafficking or other sexual acts without consent of both parties.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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