Puncture the official youth explained her youth


Photo: TASS

Saying about the uselessness of youth Department head of youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region Olga Glatskikh too young for their work. This opinion Tuesday, November 6, was expressed by the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, his words leads RIA Novosti.

“First of all, why on Ministerial posts take people out of the sport? It is a different field. And a very young girl, 29 years. It is also extreme old everywhere you sit, you are too young with no experience. The Golden middle — age 35-55 years. And Glackin too young for the job, and she doesn’t know what the young people say”, — said Zhirinovsky.

The politician noted that the dismissal of officials for each phrase the problem of the inability of government to communicate with young people will not solve.

On Saturday, November 3, Glackin during the round table with the participation of local youth associations stated that the state of the youth should not do. She pointed attendees to the guys that the state is not asked to bear them. She later apologized for his words, explaining that too straightforwardly expressed. She said that only wanted to encourage young people to be active in achieving goals.

Sverdlovsk Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev with the arguments of the subordinate agreed and signed the order to dismiss her from office at the time of inspection.

Glackin — Russian gymnast, Olympic champion 2004. The Department of youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region headed in 2016.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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