Quirky passenger came up with a way to carry Luggage for free


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British passenger came up with a way to carry things in the cabin without a suitcase. It is reported by The Sun.

30-year-old Lee Cimino (Cimino Lee) sewn inside pockets of the old coat and put them in all the necessary things for the upcoming trip. To abandon the suitcase it has forced new rules of transportation of Luggage of the Irish airline Ryanair. According to the rules, the tourist had to pay about seven pounds for a carry-on bag, and nine pounds for the surrender of a suitcase in the Luggage compartment.

“I’d rather go to several trips, than spend a lot of money on one” — he was indignant. According to Cimino, in the pockets of his coat was necessary for at least one night outside the house: running shoes, shorts, t-shirt, sweater, pants and socks.

Cimino successfully overcame the security checkpoint before passing through the metal detector he took off his coat and put it in a special tray. Airport officials did not comment on the case and let the man in the plane.

In June, popular in Russia, the Hungarian low cost carrier Wizz Air has announced changes in the policy of carry-on baggage on its flights. Under the new policy, passengers who did not pay for priority boarding will be forced to hand over bags that do not match the dimensions (40х30х18 cm) in the Luggage compartment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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