Scammers in the guise of Elon musk earned tens of thousands of dollars per day


Photo: Dave Bedrosian / ZumaPress /

Hackers broke into several popular accounts on Twitter and launched a fraudulent advertising campaign on behalf of the Director General of Tesla Elon musk. About it reports BBC News.

Hackers got access to the page of British clothing retailer Matalan, Studio Pathe UK and us publishing houses, Pantheon Books. All these accounts were verified and were marked with a blue tick. The hackers changed the nicknames and avatars of companies, replacing them and Elon musk.

Then swindlers have launched several promotional tweets on behalf of the businessman, and they were written with spelling mistakes. They said that the Mask leaves the post of the General Director of Tesla in honor of this event, wants to give 10 thousand bitcoins to subscribers. To obtain cryptocurrency to Twitter users offered to first transfer a small amount to the special account specified by the link in the post.

To convince people of the credibility of the campaign, hackers broke into several verified accounts of famous athletes and bloggers, and then on their behalf he wrote the comments under the post fake Mask. They claimed that they have received their bitcoins.

According to The Bleeping Computer, just one day fraudsters managed to earn over 28 bitcoins — about 180 thousand dollars (11,9 million).

Hackers used a similar scheme to defraud users on the network. In February 2018 scammers have also tricked users by creating a fake Twitter page Mask and other celebrities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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