The airline has decided to cash in on the family feelings of the passengers


Photo: Leonid Faerberg / Transport Photo Images /

British Airways passengers accused the airline of “a cynical ploy, designed employees to earn more money”. It is reported by The Sun.

The publication drew attention to the angry posts of passengers in social networks. “British Airways demanded an additional 39 quid, so we could sit with our 14-year-old child, although the whole row was empty. What a shame,” he wrote on Twitter, one of them, a lawyer named Joe lightning.

Another unknown couple were flying from Britain to the U.S., told reporters as they were forced to pay £ 100 for neighboring places in the plane, despite the fact that they were free.

Complaints were received from passengers who traveled alone. According to one anonymous, the airline provided him with an unwanted middle seat, and both seats on the sides and left vacant.

“In order to choose the best place and be sure that all your family members sit together, reserve the seats in advance for an additional fee,” — said on the website of British Airways.

In July, the passenger gay David Cooley stated that their partner was seated on a flight with Alaska Airlines that a heterosexual couple could sit together.

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